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Midnight Mania! Kevin Holland threatened to shave Khamzat’s beard prior to UFC 279 presser brawl

Midnight Mania! Kevin Holland threatened to shave Khamzat’s beard prior to UFC 279 presser brawl

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Today’s planned UFC 279 press conference devolved into chaos before it ever got rolling. Not all of the details are clear at the moment, but UFC President Dana White cancelled the presser early when there just wasn’t enough security to keep things calm. Reportedly, both Nate Diaz and Khamzat Chimaev brought massive posses, and the groups started getting handsy. Then, water boggles began to fly.

Also wrapped up in the middle of it all is Kevin Holland. “Trailblazer” has been mouthing off to Khamzat all week, and he might have revealed the remark that really set “Borz” off. Yesterday, Holland promised to “cut his f—king beard off” in a Twitter video, and today, he quote tweeted that video when elaborating on today’s events.

“Just so everyone knows. I offered that clown a free beard trim. I don’t know anywhere in the US that would offer that service free! I am precise I promise I would not knick him. At your service just like the hotel staff bro.”

Additionally, it’s been reported that Chimaev front kicked Holland, but “Big Mouth” denies any such connection occurred.

Likely, Holland’s trash talk was just a piece of the puzzle, and details are still emerging. Stay tuned for further footage and behind-the-scenes info regarding the presser brawl, and tune in early tomorrow morning to see if the weigh-ins are similarly chaotic.

On a final, semi-related note, Holland apparently also got into it a bit with Darren Till. “Big Mouth” indeed!

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Li Jingliang is the real loser of all this press conference chaos. The man looked fresh!

Diaz is forever a legend!

Apparently, UFC’s presser wasn’t the only one that went to s—t today.

Mason Jones’ first stint in the UFC has come to an end.

Valentina Shevchenko is one title defense away from becoming the first athlete, man or woman, to collect the eight rubies (and thus be granted a wish from Shenron?).

This throw can go terribly wrong if rushed or executed poorly, but Fares Ziam did it well!

Georges St. Pierre and I are failing on the same athletic goal, so that’s nice.

Slips, rips, and KO clips

Julian Jackson just erasing men left and right:

It’s really so sad that Tatiana Suarez’s injuries have sidelined her career so terribly. She was very clearly on her way to capturing the Strawweight title, and if she can return in similar form, her chances are still good!

Douglas Lima isn’t on top anymore, but the man does have a tremendous highlight reel.

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The fires of Mordor.

Midnight Music: Indie rock, 2005

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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